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At Royal Caribbean Group, we are driven by a common passion for creative thinking, innovative engineering and delivery unparalleled vacations!


We dream at Royal Caribbean Group

We look beyond the now, sensing and feeling and intuiting what could be. As a company and as individuals, we feel compelled to ask this question:


What if we could build an ice rink on a cruise ship?

What if we could blow glass at sea?

What if we could take people to places they never thought they’d see?

More than 40 years ago, we set out to create ships that astound and experiences that amaze. The road from dream to reality has been filled with hypothesis and experiment, reconsideration and revision, satisfaction and success.

RCL & the Environment

Sustainability logo

We have a responsibility to the guests who sail with us, the people who work for us, and the communities we visit, but most critically we have a responsibility to the oceans, which are at the very essence of our business.

For nearly 40 years, our company has carried out its strong commitment to environmental stewardship by following strict company policies, practices, regulations and special initiatives that we call Above and Beyond Compliance. The initiatives help us achieve the highest possible standards of environmental and community stewardship.

One such initiative is our Save the Waves® program, which was established in 1992 as a program that focused on waste management and evolved into a company-wide philosophy of social responsibility and sustainability practices that guide many facets of our business.

Additionally, our ships are continuously built and retrofitted to operate more efficiently with less impact on the environment. We repurpose or find other uses for 100 percent of all cargo-associated and operational waste, and our wastewater purification levels on many of our ships exceed national and international standards. We also partner with organization like World Wildlife Fund and the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science to fund and support ocean conversation and research.

Sustainability and environmental protection is an ongoing effort at RCL. With the help of our employees, partners, guests and other like-minded collaborators, we will continue to uphold our commitment to protecting our resources and achieve the highest possible standards in the process.


Diversity & Inclusion

We are worldwide. Our ships sail the 7 seas, and we have 12 offices around the world. Our culture reflects our global nature.

We’re committed to celebrating diversity and inclusion at RCL. We are proud of the way our team members from different cultural backgrounds, ages, races, religions, education levels, sexual orientation, genders, and disabilities come together to create incredible vacation and employees experiences! At RCL, we believe that the diversity of our employees plays a major role in our success.

Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion


Do you have a vision of the cruise ship of the future? Let’s make it a reality.

Our Newbuilding & Innovation Department imagines the most extraordinary vacations, and then work together to bring them to life. We bring bold, cutting-edge ideas to the table.

There’s no idea too elaborate, too luxurious, or too adventurous.

Our mission is to disrupt the cruising industry by building the most innovative cruise ships and reimagine our award-winning fleets with never-before-seen thrills. With a relentless drive to innovate and challenge the status quo, there’s nothing we won’t try.

Our Innovation Lab takes the ship design process to new heights by bringing the best creative minds and the latest technology together under one roof. From engaging virtual reality rooms to collaborative work spaces, the cruise line’s facility in Miami helps accelerate innovation and gives experts the ability to tangibly play and push the envelope before construction even begins.

The Digital Transformation

Are you ready for a digital transformation on board? The mission of our digital team is to digitize the entire Guest & Employee experience. Given their fast-paced, agile methodology, we like to think of the team as a tech start-up within a large corporation.

Diversity & Inclusion

Interactive augmented reality games using a smart phone and artwork onboard

What’s been in the works?

We’re rolling out a slate of new technology updates set to transform our guests’ vacation experiences, as well as improve operations on board.

With the touch of a finger, on our new mobile app, guests will be able to take advantage of many features on the app, such as:

  • Pre-cruise planning, allowing our guests to reserve excursions, dining and more

  • Frictionless arrival with online check-in and facial recognition technology to reduce lines

  • Unlocking their stateroom doors with the app

  • Controlling the stateroom’s lighting, temperature, and other features from the app

  • Take a sneak peek into the bridge on the ship using augmented reality from artwork onboard

That’s just the beginning. The cruise industry changes fast, and our brands have a reputation for staying ahead of the curve. Our guests and employees expect the most innovative technology on board to maximize their vacations, and the Excalibur team is determined to deliver.

Digital Opportunities

Stay Connected!

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